July 24th 2019

In 1499 Vasco da Gama came back from India for the first time by the sea. French King Louis XII got married. And at the Prague brewery U Fleku they brewed their first beer…

The first written mention of the brewery dates back to 1499 when the house was bought by the maltster Vít Skřemenec. The U Fleků brewery is the only brewery in Central Europe where beer has been brewed for more than 500 years without a break. During communism, the brewery was nationalized. The original owners (Brtník family) got it back after the fall of the regime in 1991.

The famous Flekovský dark 13 ° lager has been produced since 1843 from water, hops and four kinds of barley malt. No preservatives or artificial colouring agents are used. All raw materials are from the Czech Republic.

The atmosphere of the ancient house is underlined by the decoration and stylish furnishings of the guest rooms and all eight halls. From the most famous and unique hall of the Academy, where legendary figures of Czech culture met during the last century, through Vaclavka with colourful stained glass windows to the Knight’s Hall decorated and furnished in romantic spirit.

In the eight halls and the stunning outdoor garden, the brewery restaurant offers pleasant seating for more than 1,200 visitors.

So what are you waiting for? 520 years of beer history is waiting for your visit. Where else in the entire world you will see and taste something like this? 🙂