December 5th 2019  We are so excited to announce a big news. The first two new trips for the next season 2020 are now ready for launch! 

Where you can next year go with us? Big surprise! First time you can going with us abroad. Both of the new trips are two days long, with first day in the Southern Bohemia and with second day in Austria.Twice a week we will travel from Prague to the fantastic fairytaile town of Český Krumlov, UNESCO Heritage Site and to stunning Hluboká castle. On Tuesday and Thursday we will continue to the beautiful Mozart town of Salzburg the next day after breakfast.On Wednesdays and Fridays our destination will be beautiful town of Hallstatt, one of the most pictoresque city worldwide. Combination of amazing Český Krumlov and those legendary Austrian destinations is really exciting and enjoyable.

We looking forward so much!! And in case you want to join us, is very easy. Just book here as soon as possible !! We starting in March !!