May 21st 2020 

Prague has a new interesting attraction! In the shopping centre Arkády Pankrác, a unique collection of jellyfish can be seen on an area of 700 square meters, combined with audiovisual effects

In an area of over seven hundred square meters, you will find 38 aquariums, in which you can see over 10,000 jellyfish. Young and old visitors can also look forward to video mapping and unique attractions.

Jellyfish are real magic. They have been drifting along ocean currents for millions of years and were even there before dinosaurs lived on Earth. Jellyfish is the second stage of its life cycle, which manifests itself as a free-floating form with a bell and stinging arms.

The exhibition is open from Monday to Sunday from 9 am to 9 pm

o welcome back to normal life from tomorrow!