July 21th 2019 Prague has many gastronomic attractions. You will not even be able to taste them in a few days of your stay. Fabulous Czech svíčková, typical Czech goulash with dumplings, or famous roast pork knuckle. Amazing potato soup, or for a more daring nature traditional Czech tripe soup. Heavenly tasty fruit stuffed dumplings with cottage cheese, sugar, and cinnamon, topped with hot butter. Unbeatable apple strudel with vanilla sauce and whipped cream in the famous Café Louvre.

And we could go on and on… How about a burger? An honest burger with a perfect taste, amazingly prepared meat and fine-tuned ingredients.

You may think that Prague is probably not the right place for lovers of classic burgers. True, it was not the most popular dish in Austria-Hungary Emporium… But our city is not just about history and tradition.
You know what? Just try it, maybe you will be surprised. Jump into the metro and follow the green line to Namesti Miru and then walk for five minutes to Římská street 29 and see the Kingdom of Hamburger in Prague – the legendary Dish.

Since 2012, this little bistro has been the holy grail of minced meat lovers. And this year, it was voted Bigseventravel.com’s third-best hamburger place in Europe. And the competition was really hard to beat !!

The basis of the hamburger in Dish is high-quality beef, which should have at least 20 per cent fat, which takes care of taste and juiciness. In Dish, they take meat from the Šumava farm Hyršov. They simply mince it – and that’s all you need to do with quality meat. They treat him like steaks: just salt and pepper, on the grill and done. Inside, a good burger should be a pink, baked medium.

It doesn’t end with meat. The great thing is to tune the ingredients to make them a perfect bite. Evergreens in Dish combine for example cheddar, bacon, homemade ketchup Dish, in house pickled cucumber and lettuce. In Savory burger you can enjoy portobello, homemade ketchup Dish, caramelized onion, roasted potato and parmasan chips….Simple and brilliant. Catch it with both hands, bite and fall in love …