June 1th 2019

Forget Matryoshka dolls, Russian army caps and similar stupidity. For your dad, brother or friend you will find much more interesting gifts in Prague.

As we use to say in Prague, with beer you will not make a mistake. The possibilities are endless, you can buy just a Pilsner Urquell gift set or you can buy a mix of the most famous Czech beers. Popular are gift sets in beautiful packaging with a glass or tankard.

Although it does not know much, we can buy amazing Czech wines in Prague. They are not so well known, mainly because the Czechs drink almost everything they grow. There’s almost nothing left for export. Especially wines from South Moravia are amazing. We recommend Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, Grüner Veltliner, or specifically the Czech variety Pálava. Also Rieslings are amazing, by no means as sweet as in the United States.
We would mainly recommend Cabernet Franc from red wines, and definitely worth buying some of the Rosé varieties.

A bottle of good wine from South Moravia should cost about 15 euros in the store, luxury wine about 25 euros per bottle.

If your friend or dad doesn’t like beer or wine, there are still famous Czech spirits.
Such a Becherovka, a unique liqueur produced for over 200 years from a secret mixture of more than 20 herbs and spices. Or Moravian Slivovice, famous brandy from plums. A small glass every morning – and you’ll live a hundred years !! Also produced are distillates of pears, apples, apricots and cherries. The most famous producer in the Czech Republic is Rudolf Jelínek and his products can be found in typical round bottles.

And yes, I almost forgot about absinth. But not just some. The best and most famous is currently produced by the Zufanek family in Moravia. Although the tradition of drinking absinth is not as strong in the Czech Republic as it seems, this unique one is worth tasting. That is why they export it to the whole world.