March 13th 2020 The Czech government has declared a state of emergency in response to the coronavirus epidemic. There are lots of restrictions and limitations for the next 30 days with a huge impact on tourism in Prague and all country.

Since Monday, March 16th 0:00 AM is the entrance to the Czech Republic fully prohibited.

Events and services

Restaurants, cafes, and other hospitality/catering venues will be permitted to open between 6 am and 8 pm only, from March 13th. It is banned to go to restaurants and bars between 8 pm to 6 am. Refreshments at shopping malls will be banned during the whole day

Gyms, swimming pools, and other sports facilities, clubs, galleries, and libraries will also be closed as well as eateries in shopping malls.

“We are also banning theatre, music, film and other performances, sports, cultural, religious, community, dancing, traditional events and other meetings,” Prime Minister Andrej Babis said.

The ban does not affect the operation of shops, public transport, or courts and other public authorities.

Transport and travel

No entry for foreigners to the Czech Republic from risk countries (from Friday at 23:59): the government has banned foreigners from 18 risk countries (as of 16:00 on Thursday, March 12) to enter the Czech Republic areas, this includes Austria, Belgium, China, Denmark, FranceGermany, Greece, Iran, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK and USA.

Since Monday, March 16th 0:00 AM is the entrance to the Czech Republic fully prohibited for ALL FOREIGNERS, EXCEPT THOSE, WHO HAVE PERMANENT OR TEMPORARY RESIDENCE IN CZECH REPUBLIC

The only exception is foreigners with temporary residence in the Czech Republic and foreigners with permanent residence (NOT student visas or long term residence permits). This list may be updated in the future, as the government updates their own list.

Foreigners from high-risk countries will be banned from entering the country and Czech nationals will be prohibited from travelling to high-risk destinations.

No entry to risk areas (from Friday 23:59): the government simultaneously banned Czech citizens and foreigners with temporary or permanent residence in the Czech Republic to travel to risk areas, specifically Germany and Austria.

Czech Railways will cancel international transport from Friday midnight. Until Friday it is possible to use buses or trains, but from Saturday midnight only cars will be allowed to enter the country.

In addition, the Czech police are now being deployed to check whether people who have been ordered into quarantine are staying indoors.

Important info

The Czech Republic has 117 confirmed cases of the COVID-19 virus on Thursday, March 12th afternoon, with no deaths.

The state of emergency will last 30 days.

The government has suspended issuing visas and residence permits.

Dear customers,

I am deeply sorry to inform you that unfortunately our company will no longer be able to provide any trips and as of today, we are closing all the bookings.

This decision was hard to make and it came as a result of a sudden death of our CEO, who also was my beloved father, and we are not able to provide an adequate experience for you as we need some time to deal with both practical matters and our grief.

I would like to kindly ask you to cancel your reservations yourselves, so you are able to get the full refund as soon as possible.

If you had a chance to enjoy any of our trips with Láďa (Vladimir), I whole-heartedly believe you have enjoyed yourselves and created some unforgettable memories together and I hope as well that Láďa will be remembered in your hearts in the same way that he is in mine. I would be pleased to hear about your experiences with my dad and if you'd like to send me any photos, stories or memories, I greatly encourage you to do so.

Thank you for your understanding and your cooperation in these difficult times.

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