Prague day walking food tasting tour

Prague day walking food tasting tour

If you want to try colours, smells, and tastes of Prague, especially Pragueʼs Old Town and New Town, two of the most vibrant and tasteful parts of Prague, our Day Walking Food Tasting Tour is the best option.

But this Day Walking Food Tasting Tour is of course not only about just-food. It is also the opportunity to get a better understanding of how modern Czech people living. To understand bright Prague and Czech history, and modern and contemporary present days in our city.

Do not forget an important fact – the maximum size of the group for our food tours is 10 persons, so you will feel very comfortable at every moment. You can enjoy the charming atmosphere of narrow cobbled streets, mysterious places, and hidden gems, not as a part of a big group running behind a guide with an umbrella, but rather as a small party of friendly people, or (if you are lucky enough) just with your personal local guide…

Together with our friendly guides, you will taste on five different stops following meals:  traditional Czech soup, delicious pastry and renown Czech starters, surprisingly tasty main dish, and also unforgettable artisan dessert. All the places have been carefully chosen for you by our local foodies, so you can be sure we will take you to extraordinary places, ones that you donʼt even know they exist.

Price includes: English-speaking guide, five food tastings on five different places, water, beer or a non-alcoholic beverage.

Not included: Extra drinks during the tour, tips for the guide (10-15% recommended).

Price: €89

12:00 pm (4 hours)