March 23th 2019. Looking for an amazing pizza in Prague? We know lot of places. But this place is something different, something just much more than amazing pizza. It is located in the very heart of Prague next to the Kotva department store. Literally a few steps from the Powder Tower.

Pizza Nuova is one of the places where you will feel right from the first moment. The interior is warm, comfortable, although all very modern. The service is pleasant, friendly and fast. What is quite unique in this place? Degustazione. If you’re not quite sure what you want to eat, use the option just try more different options. Afternoon you will pay about 400 CZK and after 6pm hundred czech crowns more but for this money you can try many different samples of pizza and pasta. An for another 150 CZK you can try everything – starters, Neapolitan pizzas and pastas. Anyway with wine, coffee and desert you can spend just about 1000 CZK per person max. And it pays off !! 

Pizza Nouva maybe seems to be a bit pricy, but in fact is not that bad. Prices are really good for the amount and quality you get. Would recommend !!!