August 5th 2019 The most mysterious and frightening place in Prague is the cemetery of fools in Bohnice, which once belonged to a psychiatric hospital in Bohnice. The creepy graveyard, where many madmen and murderers are buried, has been abandoned for 50 years. The cemetery was founded six years after the founding of the Bohnice Medical Hospital, which dates back to 1903. At that time, the Bohnice mental hospital was reminiscent of a small village and was the largest facility of its kind in Europe. A large part of the visitors agree that there is a very strange and dark atmosphere in the cemetery in Bohnice.

There are over 4000 graves in the Bohnice cemetery. The psychiatric hospital buried around 80 madmen a year. In addition to fools, dozens prisoners from World War I who were killed in the typhus epidemic were buried here during the time. Among the buried are supposed to be also Gavrilo Princip, who was to assassinate the Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand d´Este. There are also graves of murderers and suicide victims in the cemetery of fools.

Most people sensitive to paranormal phenomena are convinced that there is exceptionally negative energy in the cemetery, especially in the back of the cemetery, where the worst unnamed people – those who killed – were buried. In these places, you will feel a strange feeling and unnatural cold that will make you leave the area immediately.

The best time of day to visit is around midnight.
But beware! This place is not really for sensitive characters!