May 3th 2019. It was more than 160 years ago that gifted Czech engraver Ludwig Moser breathed life into Moser crystal and in doing so enchanted the world. From the very beginning, he worked with traditional glassmaking technology, but it was above all his talent and art that gave the collections their uniqueness and beauty. Since that time, Moser crystal has been ever-present at royal weddings and gatherings of the political elite and has been sought after by people with refined taste. Take a look at what makes this traditional Czech brand unique throughout the world.

In one of the most expensive streets in the world, Na Příkopě you will find a unique shopping mall. It is called the Black Rose and was built in the Functionalist style in 1932.

The arcade itself is an architectural jewel, but it also hides one of the most amazing shops in Prague. The Moser art gallery occupies two floors in this shopping mall, and what you see inside is simply hard to believe. Not only a lot of traditional but also modern crystal glass of all colours and shapes, cut, sandblasted, gilded, but also breathtaking interiors, beautiful stained glass windows and richly decorated furniture …..

Moser glass will probably be a bit above your budget, but it doesn’t matter. Don’t be afraid to come in. No one will be angry if you don’t buy anything and yet your experience will just be unrepeatable. After all, where else do you have a chance to see a vase for CZK 1,000,000? Just please don’t break anything. That would be really expensive :)))