February 1st 2020

In the very heart of Prague, a few steps from the Powder Tower you can find the secret door that will take you in a moment to sunny Argentina or Spain.

Combination of Spanish, Italian and Argentinean culture and cuisine became the inspiration for LA BOCA RESTAURANT in Prague.

The basis of our cuisine consists of quality, fresh ingredients imported directly from Spain and Argentina. During the summer months, you can enjoy food served up directly from an amazing garden grill or sit comfortably and listen to live music.

In La Boca they prepare steaks from the highest quality Argentinean meat, which is known for its characteristic flavour. A plethora of tapas, paella and other delicacies is simply full of the tastes and scents of Spain and Argentina

So if you find the winter in Prague unpleasant and endlessly grey, the touch of holidays and sunshine is hidden behind one door in Truhlářská Street