April 7th 2019

Autobots, Steel Man or Hunter made from a scrap yard? Gallery of Steel Figures is a unique place in the world, where you can find sculptures made of recycled metal items in one place. The metal figures are inspired by characters from cartoons and science fiction movies, politicians, music stars, most popular celebrities, as well as animals and automotive world hits.

The Gallery of Steel Figures in Prague can undoubtedly be described as a unique contemporary art gallery. The exhibition of steel sculptures, which you will find here, is an attraction which is the one in its kind not only in Prague but also in Europe and in the world.

The Steel Figures Gallery is maybe for someone on the edge of kitsch, but a lot of work on every piece deserves at least admiration.
Although the price of admission is even higher, you can spend a pleasant hour and a half in this pretty unique place. 

The gallery is located literally a few steps from Wenceslas Square. Go to Mustek, towards Narodni trida. Opening hours are daily from 10am to 10pm