March 17th 2019. Climbers today mounted the first of the giant black babies’ sculptures by sculptor David Černý on the Prague TV tower. New sculptures are copies of ten original ones. Climbers will install the remaining sculptures in the upcoming days, mainly due to weather conditions. It is anticipated that every day a statue should be anchored to the tall tower and work should be completed by April 9th.

Babies on the tower many people like, even though the first installation also caused negative reactions. However, many of their fans do not know them closely as they can be seen on Kampa island, where the statues stand loosely on the grass. They aren’t as cute as most people think – faces are distorted into barcodes. In 2009, voted the Žižkov transmitter as the world’s second ugliest building.

So perhaps the babies will improve look of the tower and delight the eye of many tourists in Prague again. 

If you are interested about the work of David Černý, one of his famous sculptures, moving head of Franz Kafka you can admire during our tour of famous Prague cafés. Another one, famous sculpture of the St.Wenceslas sitting on the up side down horse you can see during our short walking food tasting tour