April 10th 2020 It’s Good Friday, one of the most important days in the Christian calendar. This year it will be a special Easter time. The world is facing one of the biggest disasters in history. The number of infected people has reached hundreds of thousands, thousands have already died. Many more will fall ill in the coming days, and unfortunately, many people will also die in the near future.

A pessimist would say that the darkest hour of humanity has come. Many people’s lives are affected, many personal and family tragedies have occurred. When the epidemic will be over, the world will be likely facing an economic crisis of unprecedented proportions.

Seemingly there is a lack of good news…But that’s not quite true. The world is full of stories of solidarity, togetherness, love, courage and dedication. And Easter is always the time of spring, resurrection and above all hope. Even in these difficult times, the good news start coming. In some countries, the disease comes under control. In other countries, the spread of infection is at least slowing down.

One day all of this will end, and we will all start returning to life, as we use to know it before. Children will return back to schools, we will reopen our shops and restaurants. We will begin to rebuild our business, some of them completely from scratch. Will we come back stronger? Will we come back stronger? Richer in the experience of what we all went through together? Let’s hope…

And that’s mainly what Easter is all about. About hope, recovery and resurrection. About new life.

So let’s enjoy Easter together, disease despite. And of course – stay safe and protect yourself!

Happy Easter 2020!