July 11th 2019 Café Lucerna, or “Café Lantern” in English, is a 20th-century eatery with dim lighting and a mysterious atmosphere that matches the building’s rustic appeal. Along with Lucerna Music Bar and Lucerna Cinema, Café Lucerna is part of Lucerna Palace, a complex built in the early 1900s in the late art nouveau style. Its floor to ceiling windows looks out on to the Lucerna arcade, as well as David Černy’s famous sculpture of St. Wenceslas riding his horse upside down. For soft feels and stunning views, try this café.

This is just the place to have a nice time waiting for a movie to come on, for a meeting or just to enjoy some amazing coffee, a glass of south moravian wine, or taste some choice traditional czech pastries. The café often hosts musical events with live piano as well as putting on exhibitions from time to time.