March 20 2022

The National Museum has opened an exhibition that is undoubtedly seen only once every many years.
Let yourself be guided through the past of the Czech lands from the 8th century to the First World War! On a total area of 1,300 m2, you will see over 2,000 exhibits that together tell a fascinating story of Czech history.
In the six halls of the exhibition, there are large-format videos, which can completely immerse you in the atmosphere of the depicted events. You can experience, for example, the course of the Old Town execution in 1621 or find yourself in the middle of the Battle of Kolín in 1757.
Visitors will undoubtedly be impressed by the objects that can be touched. For example, they can try on a medieval sword or mace, try on a helmet or see various shields with coats of arms.
All exhibits have English descriptions.
This exhibition is simply a must !!!