April 3th 2019. Recently we went back for good coffee to Vršovice, Prague’s trendy district. We like this Prague quarter. Life is still a bit slower here than in the busy Prague centre. Kafé and Gramophone fit perfectly here. A few steps from Svatopluk Cech Square with the magnificent functionalist church of St. Wenceslas projected by the world-famous architect Josef Gočár. Five minutes walking from the beautiful park surrounding the church.

The café itself is at first glance quite inconspicuous. A few steps to the basement, just like many other cafes in this area. And down there, you can really feel the true atmosphere of Vršovice. Place where people still know each other. Where they have time to sit down, say hello, talk for a while. And having some coffee, of course. And coffee is here really delicious! 


Although the selection of cakes is not very wide here, they are all amazingly delicious. And of course breakfast. You will feel like in the kitchen with your grandmother in the good old days. Forget the crowds in trendy cafes. Here you will feel stress-free and relaxed.  No matter whether in weekdays or at weekends, time is running a bit slower here…

So hurry up !! Kafé a Gramofon is looking forward to your visit. How to get there? Just tram line 22 is the easiest way. The address is Minská 4.

Dear customers,

I am deeply sorry to inform you that unfortunately our company will no longer be able to provide any trips and as of today, we are closing all the bookings.

This decision was hard to make and it came as a result of a sudden death of our CEO, who also was my beloved father, and we are not able to provide an adequate experience for you as we need some time to deal with both practical matters and our grief.

I would like to kindly ask you to cancel your reservations yourselves, so you are able to get the full refund as soon as possible.

If you had a chance to enjoy any of our trips with Láďa (Vladimir), I whole-heartedly believe you have enjoyed yourselves and created some unforgettable memories together and I hope as well that Láďa will be remembered in your hearts in the same way that he is in mine. I would be pleased to hear about your experiences with my dad and if you'd like to send me any photos, stories or memories, I greatly encourage you to do so.

Thank you for your understanding and your cooperation in these difficult times.

Should there be any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact me via my personal e-mail: barbora.stejskal@gmail.com or phone: +420 603 382 933


Barbora Stejskal

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