April 10th 2019. There are several places dedicated to chocolate in Prague, some of them amazing, some of them just quite commerial. 

Since April 1st there is a new place on Prague chocolate map. You can find it at the bottom of Wenceslas Square, in the Lindt passage near the Bata department store. It is the flagship of Orion company, one of the most famous Czech chocolate factory since 1896. The name of this magical place is Orion Chocolate Atelier. What you can expect there? 

In Orion Atelier, Czech chocolate maker and confectioner Martin Pokorný will prepare a base for fine table chocolate containing 68% of cocoa. Visitors to Chocolate Atelier can by themself decorate their own chocolate with any natural ingredients such as selected kinds of nuts, pieces of roasted cocoa beans, cranberries or frost-dried raspberries,. At each visit he will be able to try new combinations or interesting seasonal ingredients  like frozen flowers of violets, chilli or saffron. For a surcharge of about 4 EUR, you can decorate your chocolate with real gold plates.

How much you will  pay for making your own chocolate? This joy is suprisingly cheap. For chocolate in a transparent package about 6 EUR, in gift box approximately 8 EUR.

There is also possible to buy pralines, lollipops or crumbs with broken chocolate in the Atelier, or have hot chocolate made from fresh milk or Nespresso coffee.

In addition to regular operations, the brand will also host workshops, where candidates will learn to work properly with chocolate or make pralines or Easter figurines themselves.

Orion Atelier will be open every day from 9 am to 9 pm