April 1st 2020  Just a few weeks ago, Prague was a lively and cheerful city, looking forward to the upcoming tourist season. In a few days, it became a ghost town. It is such a sad look at the empty streets, squares and historical monuments! Without you, visitors, tourists and our guests, it is simply not the right Prague.

Sometimes we complain that the amount of tourists is too high in Prague, that you are too noisy, that prices are flying up like a rocket because of you. We use to say, that Prague is not our city anymore, that the city was stolen by you…I know it’s ridiculous. But now we see something else. Silence, emptiness, sadness.

Simply, we can’t wait to see you back in our city! It will be noisy again, crowdy again but the fun will be back ! Hopefully in the summer season lets the party start again!!