May 5th 2020 The Czech government last week revealed a schedule of release of restrictions against the spread of coronavirus infection. The plan is divided into four steps from April 20th to May 25th 2020. The procedure for releasing restrictions will be the following:

The borders of the Czech Republic are open again from 27th April 2020. When crossing the borders of the Czech Republic, it is necessary to prove a negative test for COVID-19 not older than 4 days or go to a 14-day quarantine

From Monday, April 20 is already possible:

Open crafts with business premises, farmers markets, car bazaars and car dealerships, outdoor training activities for professional athletes in smaller groups under precisely given conditions. Allow weddings up to 10 people

From Monday, April 27th is possible:

Open all shops larger than 2,500 square meters, if not part of big shopping centres. At the same time, the outdoor areas of the ZOO or, for example, fitness centres will open. They will also open driving schools, gyms and fitness centres, religion services for up to 15 people, public libraries, zoos and botanical and dendrological gardens without indoor pavilions.    

From Monday, May 11 will be possible:

Open all stores in shopping centres, open garden restaurants, outside beer gardens in front of pubs, restaurants, cafes, wine shops etc. Open barbershop, hairdresser, pedicures, manicures, solariums, cosmetic, massage, regeneration or reconditioning services. Open museums and galleries with a maximum attendance of 100 people. Open cinemas and theatres with a maximum attendance of 100 people.

From 17 May, it will not be necessary to cover your face in public, with the exception of indoor spaces and public transport

From Monday, May 25  the following will be possible:

Open interior spaces of restaurants, buffets, pubs, wine bars and cafes. Open hotels and other accommodation services.
Allow alternative taxi services, like Uber etc, open tattoo salons (piercing), open castles and chateaus. Open cinemas and theatres with a maximum attendance of 100 people
Allow cultural, social and sports events with the participation of up to 100 people, weddings. Open ZOO (including indoor pavilions)